T-CAPP Picketing


(Back row) Susan Benke, Warren Davis, Gene Smith,
Ann Webb, (Front row) Fran Snyder and Martha Rogers)


What a day to picket!  And what a cause to champion  – lowering interest rates of up to 456% charged by payday lenders in Alabama.  Members of Tuscaloosa Citizens Against Predatory Practices (T-CAPP) braved the wind and cold and put aside their dignity on Friday, February 27, to protest high interest rates charged by payday loan companies.


Beebe McKinley – Beware the Shark


456% APR is usury

Two locations on 15th street and one behind Arby’s across from Jason’s attracted the interest of drivers and walkers alike.  One major attraction was Gary Limroth, dressed like a shark eating a man.  Only the legs and feet protruded from the shark’s mouth.



Marvin McKinley with Shark (Gary Limroth)
in front of Always Money, Tuscaloosa Alabama

Marvin McKinley with shark (Gary Limroth)

Banners and large posters lined the street at these three  locations all of which had a copy of a permission to picket.  Even so, one business employee called the police to check us out.  Having three police cars parked at one location brought even more attention to the picketing, and attention was exactly what was wanted.  Many drivers expressed their support by waves and honks.

Barbara Caughan, Pat Watson and Rocco Aversa


There are approximately forty locations issuing these predatory loans in the Tuscaloosa area.  Despite local ordinances regulating the location of these businesses, they continue to pop up across the area.

Although the PROBLEM exists throughout Alabama, the  SOLUTION lies in Montgomery



Picketing is one way to draw the public’s attention to the predatory practice of payday lending.  The only solution is action by the Alabama Legislature that will lower payday loan interest rates from 456% APR to 36 % APR.  The Military Act of 2007 protects active military personnel by restricting the amount of interest on short term loans to a reasonable 36% APR rate.


Outraged by the practice of charging up to 456% interest rates to needy and desperate people?

Contact your Senator and Representative today.

A click on the home page link for the Tuscaloosa Legislative Delegation will bring up a list of members of that group.

Visit the T-CAPP Facebook  page to see more pictures from the picketing.

Brad Hargett in front of City Check Advance